"data": {
        "active": "integer",
        "cover": "integer",
        "created_at": "YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss",
        "description": "string",
        "due_date": "null",
        "expected_duration": "number",
        "id": "integer",
        "inform_leader_deadline": "number",
        "lock_after_deadline": "number",
        "name": "string",
        "points": "number",
        "price": "string",
        "reference_number": "string",
        "reward": "number",
        "updated_at": "YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss",
        "voluntary": "number"
    "extended_message": "string",
    "message": "string",
    "status": "string",
    "status_code": "integer"


Name Example Description
data Course

Flag to indicate if the course is active

Possible values are:

  • %!s(float64=0)
  • %!s(float64=1)
data.cover 1

The file id of the cover used for the course

data.created_at "2019-02-08 12:13:35"

When was the course created

data.description "Short course on how to be GDPR compliant"

A description of the course



data.expected_duration 115

Expected time to finish the course in minutes 80085

eloomis internal id for the course

data.inform_leader_deadline 1

Flag to indicate if the users leader should be informed about missed deadline

Possible values are:

  • %!s(float64=0)
  • %!s(float64=1)
data.lock_after_deadline 1

Flag to if it is possible to take the course after deadline

Possible values are:

  • %!s(float64=0)
  • %!s(float64=1) "GDPR Compliance"

Course name as it appears in eloomi

data.points 25

The amount of points a user gets upon course completion


The price of the course if applicable.


A reference number of the course.

data.reward 1

A flag that indicates whether or not points are enabled for this course

Possible values are:

  • %!s(float64=0)
  • %!s(float64=1)
data.updated_at "2019-02-08 12:13:36"

When was the course last updated

data.voluntary 1

Flag to indicate if the course is mandatory or not

Possible values are:

  • %!s(float64=0)
  • %!s(float64=1)

Text to help with debugging


Text to help with debugging

status "OK"

HTTP Status text

status_code 200

HTTP Status code